Our Mission

Who We Are


We are mermaids on a mission to inspire and motivate children to create a clean water future through education in classrooms, creeks, and cinemas.


How We Do Things


Through donations we can expand our reach and implement all of our programs, which include:


  • Free classroom presentation’s educating children ages PK-12th about careers in science, waste and environmental economics, their individual connection to the water cycle, and activism through the arts.


  • Community creek and watershed park cleanups followed by picnics and potlucks.


  • Art projects in collaboration with local artists that support their work while utilizing mermaids as educational inspiration towards sustainability.

  • A brief interactive film experience to be brought anywhere from classrooms to festivals which will connect each glass of water to the larger network of global water.


You can help us with our mission by: 1. Making a donation to our education and arts programs. 2. Sign up to volunteer if you are local or believe you have a great idea for how you can support our mission through partnerships and collaborations. 3. Pick up 3 pieces of trash/day.